21 Issues for the 21st Century - Results of the UNEP Foresight Process on Emerging Environmental Issues - The UNEP Secretariat presented the results of the Foresight Process to the Governing Council during its annual meeting in February 2012.  Link to PDF UNEP called on SCOPE to assist in engaging experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines from around the world to answer a set of critical scientific questions and provide a careful and authoritative ranking concerning the most important emerging issues related to the global environment. 

The Foresight Process is designed to deliver an international consensus and a priority list of the top emerging environmental issues alongside options for action in support of the road to the Rio+20 World Summit and UNEP’s work towards an inclusive Green Economy. Through this Process, UNEP aims to inform the UN and wider international community about these issues on a timely basis, as well as provide input to its own work programme and that of other UN agencies.

                   The UNEP Foresight Panel, involving over 20 distinguished scientists from around the world, spent close to a year discussing and consulting with some 400 other scientists and experts globally via an electronic survey.  The SCOPE Secretary-General was a member of the Panel.

                   Feedback from SCOPE network experts was coordinated by the Secretariat in March 2011 to provide UNEP with a roster of more than 800 names, representing a balanced representation of world regions, expertiseand gender. The response rate to the electronic consultation was considered excellent, giving a nearly 1 in 2 response ratio. SCOPE also assisted by identifying the science reviewers of the final document and coordinating that review.